About HCP

House Call Professionals was started in 2007 out of a recognized need to provide quality medical care to a specific population of people.  With the longevity of the “baby boomer” generation, more and more elderly and disabled people are requiring medical or home health care in the comfort of their homes.  The long hours of waiting in the doctor’s office can sometimes place a heavy burden on the elderly and disabled as well as the family of such individuals who have the responsibility of taking these loved ones to the doctor.

It is the mission of House Call Professionals to provide quality and efficient medical care that is not only compassionate and personalized but convenient.  It is thus our goal to provide medical care in the comfort of one’s home where the individual feels safe and at peace.

“Patients who have been in the hospital multiple times realize it is not always the healthiest place for them and they are thrilled to be at home instead.”   (The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 4, 2013).